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Our DJ Lighting & Wedding Uplights Gives You That Personalized Touch with

Monograms, Monogram Projections and Animation

Uplights adds elegance and breathtaking charm, your unique monogram, wedding date, a favorite quote or even a personal tribute can be created in light to be seen by all your guests. Using a special projector and optics, Monogram Projections, known as “Gobo’s” are extremely popular at weddings and formal functions. As uplight professionals we have created hundreds of Gobo’s, each being unique to the event. Take a moment to see some of our work and get your creative juices flowing. Ask about your custom uplighting lights and Gobo when we chat.

Put your Monogram in Motion!

Your custom design doesn’t have to stay in one place. Providing a sense of movement to the design which captures attention and adds to the elegance of the event. Gliding across the floor (or wall!) and a subtle change in color enhances the custom Monogram or message. Here are two good examples of what a Monogram in Motion looks like.

Impress the Guests! With true Animation

You can also have your custom design with FULL ANIMATION! Make it sparkle and shine. Just like a professional television production, you can have your message or lettering animated in a variety of ways. Simply ask us what’s possible and you’ll be amazed what we can do for you.

Handwritten Signature Animated Monograms

The highest level of personalization is creating a gleaming image of your own personalized handwriting! Imagine a custom message, design or signature written with your own handwriting elegantly displayed on the floor or wall surface.